Hedge Balls

Hedge apples are the fruit of the Osage orange tree, which is native to southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. Hedge apples are not intended for human consumption, but they are an effective repellent against insects and spiders. Using hedge apples to control your spider population is an easy, chemical-free pest-control option.

Step 1

Place whole hedge apples in areas where spiders are seen. Set the hedge apples on a piece of tinfoil or in a small bowl to prevent the juice from ruining flooring, cabinetry or other materials in your home. Place hedge apples about two feet from areas of spider infestations.

Step 2

Cut the fruit in half or crush it with a hammer to get quicker results. Opening the fruit immediately exposes pests to the milk of the fruit. Place the exposed pieces in a dish. Set the dish in the area where you most often see spiders.

Step 3

Dispose of hedge apples once the majority of the green skin has disappeared. Hedge apples will last two to three months in a cool room or area.


Hedge Balls

Hedge Balls

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Thank you for those kind words

Hi Cheryl:  I just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for catering the food for my nieces wedding.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard (OMG the food was wonderful).  The amount was just right with not very much left over.  I can say that I don’t think I’ve had any better from all the weddings I’ve been too.  What a wonderful part of the wedding to be so successful.  You made that major part of the day so stress free and delicious.  Please let your staff know how grateful we are to have had such a wonderful meal.  You did such a super job!  Thanks so much. 

Aunt of the Bride

Cheryl Niemuth receives Sunshine Award from WEAU

Cheryl Niemuth, what can I say? You are an amazing, one of a kind lady. You hold everything together. You are everywhere. You make the store amazing. You are one top notch person to work for because you care for all of us. Thank you for helping and making each day a joy to be here. I cannot express how much I love your smile and all your little tips to make me faster at my job. You need a little thank you from everyone and if I could give you a little more rest in your work week, I would. You create a great store, great products, and always great laughter. Cheryl, you’re the best. You deserve a hug and everyone from the deli and the bakery thank you. A shout out to what an amazing person she is because in a short time you get to love this lady. Whenever you need her she is there. Cheryl is fantastic to young and old, she cares. That is what makes Cheryl perfect for the Sunshine Award. You deserve it and I am proud to work for you.

Linda Staniec

Thorp SuperValu Deli Employee

40 Awesome Health Benefits of Tumeric

Recently Thorp SuperValu was contacted about our earlier Blog about turmeric.  We were asked if we could link our blog with a new article about turmeric and now we have 40 AWESOME HEALTH BENEFITS OF TUMERIC.  This article may be more comprehensive and up to date for some.  So please check out the multitude of benefits that turmeric can do for you at the following link: http://www.balancemebeautiful.com/health-benefits-of-turmeric/


10 Things to Ask Yourself About Catering

1.          Make the party as special as the person you are celebrating.  Think about what you are celebrating and why.  Will the guests be arriving hungry because they have been traveling, or thirsty because they have been sitting?  Is pleasant conversation and handshaking more important than the food?  Is there one thing that the guest of honor loves or dislikes?  Are guests "party hopping" because of Christmas or Graduations?  You will not need as much food because of these circumstances. 

 2.          2015 was the first year that people ate outside of the home more often than cooked meals at home.  Think about that.  What is the one food you miss eating?  Because we eat so many meals "out" a good "old fashioned" meal cooked "in" may be the hit of the party.  Is there an old recipe that your grandmother used to make?  Share it with me and I would love to make it for your next party.

3.           Meat prices fluctuate and affect the price of entrees.  Consider having two items, one lower priced to balance your budget.  Have one higher priced item off set by something budget friendly.

4.          Be honest with your caterer about all the food that is being purchased or served.  If "Aunt Betty" is making Betty Butter Beans you will not need as many secondary hot vegetables.  If Uncle Bob works at the cheese factory and is bringing 20 pounds of curds you don't need an 18 inch cheese platter.  A wise caterer is looking for your business forever, not abusing your budget once and never to be seen again.  I always say, "I want your business forever, not just once." 

5.          People are very food safety conscience.  The days of the turkey sitting on the counter from noon until midnight are long gone.  I always encourage customers to purchase 2 or 3 small veggie or cheese trays instead of one large one if the party is small and people will be "nibbling" more than two hours.  It is better to put out a fresh tray ever couple of hours as we are all conscious of food temperatures and contamination.   This is also a consideration before the party.  Put the soda in the cooler, not in your refrigerator; so that you have room to store extra party trays and leftovers.  Soda can remain warm and served over ice if necessary.  The price of an extra bag of ice is much cheaper than the cost of a food borne illness.   

6.          The most important reason to hire a caterer is so that you can enjoy the party.  What is the one thing that you enjoy doing?  Making drinks, desserts, planning activities, cleaning?  Think honestly and talk openly with your caterer about these things so that you can spend your time and money wisely. 

7.          Little touches are a big deal.   Do you have dishes that you would like your food served in.  Bring them to me for I would love to make your special salad or dessert in your bowl, or have a hot entrée ready in your crock pot.   My job is to make you look good. 

8.          Never underestimate the power of a garbage can or a dish pan for used plates and utensils.  Most guests want to help.  After the party has started, set out a new or nice looking trash bin and guests will be happy to recycle or toss their used disposable plates and cups.  A larger clear plastic tote filled partially with dish water can be set on a back counter for glassware, plates and silverware. 

9.          Do the math, seriously.... take a calculator to the party store and figure out the cost of special plates, silverware, etc.  It may not be worth the money.  The same applies to the life time supply of paper plates and forks from the Club stores.  Are you feeding 500 or 50, buy accordingly. 

10.          If your caterer doesn't ask these same questions, call me, I would love to be a part of your next special event.   

Fresher, Faster, Friendlier

Well here it is, our new website, a Fresher, Faster, Friendlier Experience.

There are two things that I wanted our new website to portray.  One, that we are a small local grocery store that cares deeply about its community and the people that work to keep it that way; and two, that we are constantly trying to improve this store and give the customers and community what they need and want.  We live in a fast-paced world, and our customers expect us to stay current with what is happening around us.

This new website has been designed by a former employee of our Mosinee store, he knows the marketing business and the grocery business.  We are proud of many of our former employees, but Steven was extra special.  As soon as I saw that he had a new business on Facebook, I asked him to contact me to get started on this, and I couldn't be more pleased.

So take a look, what do you think?  How can we keep it a fresher, faster, frindlier experience?

Welcome to Thorp Foods online!

We are so excited to announce the launch of the new online home of Thorp Foods! We've worked so hard over the last several months to make our store as inviting and useful to our customers as possible, and we think this new website will give you the same experience - online.

Let us know what you think about the new site by going to the contact page or come see us in the store!