Cheryl Niemuth receives Sunshine Award from WEAU

Cheryl Niemuth, what can I say? You are an amazing, one of a kind lady. You hold everything together. You are everywhere. You make the store amazing. You are one top notch person to work for because you care for all of us. Thank you for helping and making each day a joy to be here. I cannot express how much I love your smile and all your little tips to make me faster at my job. You need a little thank you from everyone and if I could give you a little more rest in your work week, I would. You create a great store, great products, and always great laughter. Cheryl, you’re the best. You deserve a hug and everyone from the deli and the bakery thank you. A shout out to what an amazing person she is because in a short time you get to love this lady. Whenever you need her she is there. Cheryl is fantastic to young and old, she cares. That is what makes Cheryl perfect for the Sunshine Award. You deserve it and I am proud to work for you.

Linda Staniec

Thorp SuperValu Deli Employee