A Message From Doug & Cheryl


Welcome to Thorp SuperValu, which is the culmination of our life's work. We are originally from Wisconsin and have been the owner-operators of a grocery store for over a generation. We raised our children as servants to their community, and they are better for it.

Proud to be in Thorp

We are committed to our hometown, Thorp. We have seen our customers grow into friends and family. We witnessed births, graduations, weddings, a pandemic, and all of life's pivotal milestones during that time. Our grocery store has evolved and become more ingrained in our friend's lives than we ever thought possible.

We are privileged to serve customers by delivering high-quality food and products with a smile and commitment to superior customer service. We love our shoppers, and we want them to feel that way when they walk in our doors.

Our Employees are Family

Our representatives are the face of our business in our city. They support and serve the majority of people that shop with us, and we praise them consistently. They are more than just workers, though, as they have accorded their lives and families with us. For that, we love them sincerely.

“The way they were there during the country shutdown was incredible, putting their health and safety on the lines for all of us.”

We recognize the hard work that each person that works with us is more than just a number. Which is why we desire you to shake their hands and get to know the people that manage and prepare the food you serve to your family.

We Are Here Because of You

Above all else, we know that we are only here because of people like you. You are reading this message from us because you care about where you shop and from where your food comes. Because of you, we invest significant time in investigating our food sources, such as understanding how our produce and meats are grown, fed, cleansed, and prepared for our store.

Quality is what we guarantee for you every time you walk in our store. That's why we say our food is fresher, we serve you faster, and our staff is friendlier.