Eating Seasonally, The What and Why

Eating seasonally in Wisconsin is easier said than done unless you have a greenhouse this time of year. While the days of luscious gardens are still weeks away, nutritious produce is still available. By eating seasonally, products are not only tastier and more nutritious, due to the shorter ripening time through transport, they are cheaper too because of the greater abundance. As April rolls in, the “in season” list shifts. The end of the citrus season is near, so grab things such as navel oranges and mandarins while they are still juicy. As the weather improves with spring so too will the quality of strawberries. Why not try a new green vegetable with the thriving artichokes and asparagus this time of year? Common favorites such as radishes and spring peas are also at their peak. A tart take on a pie would pair perfectly with the first crop of rhubarb.