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Most people who follow a gluten free diet have Celiac Disease, which is basically an allergic reaction to wheat, rye and barley. For more information on Celiac Disease, see However, others might follow this diet to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or for other health benefits believed to come from eliminating gluten from your diet, such as alleviating symptoms of IBS and joint pain.

The "More Info" link provided below is a fairly comprehensive list of gluten free foods, that also specifies which foods are likely to include gluten, things that you should look out for because you may not think they have it too. For example, it lists lunch meat as often having gluten in it but if you buy Kretschmar Deli lunch meat from superValu's deli, then you can rest assured that it is gluten free! Bob's Red Mill is a well known and trusted source for gluten free alternatives like flour, which can also be found at superValu.

The best way to avoid gluten though is to make your food fresh because it lurks in processed foods that would likely catch you by surprise! So check out our #WheatFreeWednesdays recipies for nutricious gluten free meals, sidedishes and snacks.

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